I am an emissary of light.

Be Joyfully Restored today!

Emissaries carry out their missions often times in secret as spies or agents.

Emissaries represent their cause effectively, strategically and diplomatically.

They gather information and negotiate terms and conditions.

To be an emissary of light is to be someone who is willing to understand and relate to other's darkness so as to open up opportunities to shine light, peace and love where they see none.

To be an emissary of light is to be in conscious contact with your Creator, remembering what you have been sent out to do and following through with the mission you've been assigned to.

I am a light reflector.

I am here to learn how to reflect love.

I am light bearer. I am here to carry love to others.

I forget my mission of love often, I forget to show mercy, I forget to show grace, I forget to show kindness, I forget to show patience and understanding. I forget to bring light and sometimes create more darkness.

I am human and have many weaknesses like all humans do.

So, when I take an account of whether or not I fulfilled my mission for the day, I send light back to anyplace where I may of sewed darkness, I ask for forgiveness and I receive grace for my weakness and I allow the Great Love of the Creator to heal the darkness in me that allowed for my mishaps that day.

My vessel for love grows bigger, my capacity expands and I set out once again as His emissary of love and light.

Today I recognize the more light I let in, the more love I can give, the more love I can give, the more love I receive, the more love I receive, the more light I reflect, the more light I reflect, the more darkness I destroy!

I am an emissary of light.

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