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Who's To Blame?

Throughout our lives we will have to endure many trials and tribulations. Life is full of ups and downs, mistakes, setbacks and start overs. One of the ways we can run our race with victory is to learn how to not blame others for our problems but take personal responsibility for our lives and our choices.

The Bible declares in Romans 14:13.." let us no more criticize and blame and passed judgement on one another, but rather decide and endeavour never to put a stumbling block or an obstacle or a hindrance in the way of a brother ". Blame actually puts a stumbling block in between ourselves and others. It is not helpful to us. It prevents us from moving forward. It makes us a victim. When we allow ourselves to be victims and to feel sorry for ourselves, we prevent God from being able to work effectively in our lives. We declare to the world we are helpless and hopeless and we wait for someone to rescue us or for someone else to solve our problems. And then we complain that our lives are unhappy.

But I am the one who is responsible for the attainment of my goals, my emotions, my health, my personal happiness. I am the one responsible to make my life better if it is not going the way I want. Blaming my spouse, my parents, my boss, will not produce the desired outcome I want.

Only when I look inward and seek solutions for my own life and whatever problems I'm facing, will I begin to really create the change I want. Blaming others will only prolong my misery.

We can only control our own lives, we cannot control other people. We may tell them how we feel, what we want, what would be helpful to us, but ultimately, it is not the other person's responsibility to make me happy.

When we let go of blame, resentment and unforgiveness, we make room for growth, healing and happiness. Whatever the situation you may be facing today, ask yourself how can I take more personal responsibility for my emotions, my choices, my goals, and my happiness? What action step could I take today to begin to improve my life?

The decision to let go of blame and take personal responsibility for our lives, our health, our emotions, our choices, will enable us to grow up and lead more successful lives. As Joyce Meyers always says, "If we do our part, God will do his!"

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