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Spring Life From Your Heart!

Often times it is difficult to keep our heart centered and "keep the faith". We vaguely remember God's promises, we know intellectually that God loves us, but sometimes we cannot make sense of that love when we look around our worlds and see so much pain.

The problem with not really remembering and "kind of" knowing is that it does nothing for your healing and recovery. The problem with knowing something intellectually and not in our hearts is that it cannot manifest in our lives. Our hearts are where the trust needs to flow from, not the mind. Our hearts represent the source of our love, what we really believe, who we really are.

Proverbs 4:23 states: "Guard your heart with all diligence for from it flow springs of life!"

It is our hearts that give instructions to the brain, the brain just releases the chemistry needed to carry out the messages received.

You have to know that you know that you know! You have to know those promises and believe with all your heart they are true. But how? How do we learn to believe with our hearts?

In Hebrews 11:6 it states:"without faith it is impossible to please God".

That word please means to come into agreement with. Our beliefs about who we are and who God is, need to agree with who God says we are and He is. These beliefs must emanate from the heart, not the head. They must be felt, not just thought of. Our hearts and our brain must be in alignment.

This is easier said than done. Actually training your heart to believe takes work. Learning how to become mindful of what you are feeling and thinking and then meditating on truth with the heart are skills most of us do not have.

Mindfulness requires paying attention to the present moment so as to become aware of what we are actually thinking and feeling. Most of the time we are simply reacting and repeating old programming, mindlessly going about our day without much awareness of what is happening in our hearts.

We can use mindfulness to become aware of the self-limiting beliefs we are carrying around and once we know what we are actually believing we can then use heart meditation to begin to develop right feeling.

Both of these skill sets require becoming still for a bit which can be frightening if you are used to go, go, go, - perform, perform, perform. To settle down and learn how to still ones heart and focus seems like an impossible task, but its not - we all have the capacity to do this! We have the ability to live without anxiety and dread.

And more importantly, until we do learn, it will be very difficult to believe. Saying you believe and really believing are two very different things.

Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 14:31, as Peter began to sink while he was walking on the water "why did you doubt?"

I hear God say this often to me now. The more I become aware and mindful of my thoughts,feelings and beliefs (my heart) the more I am aware of how much doubt I actually carry. But I cannot change my beliefs if I'm not even aware that I am doubting and I cannot change my heart if I am unwilling to listen to the messages it is communicating to me.

Today take 3 minutes, sit quietly, breath slowly in and out, place your hand on your heart and just observe your thoughts. When you notice what you are thinking and feeling ask yourself is it true? Does this line up with what God says? If not change the thought! Align it with God's truth, then with your hand on your heart, repeat this truth, become grateful for this truth, remembering and join it with as many feelings of compassion, care, gratitude and appreciation you can. Those feeling states generate healing and restoration and communicate to the brain, this is how I wish to feel, this is how I wish to believe. This feeling state is your connection to God. It is here where you will hear His voice. It is where fear and death will fade and faith and life will spring forth. Do this everyday and you will change your life!

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