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Reflectors of Light and Love.

I am a reflector of God's love and light, we are never separated. I am a part of all that ever was and will be.

Amazing to think about, difficult to comprehend. Love that always was and love that always will be.

At all times, I have access to and am connected to the creator of life, love eternal and the Father of lights.

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights [the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens], in whom there is no variation [no rising or setting] or shadow [a]cast by His turning [for He is perfect and never changes]. -James 1:17

Why is it important to realize that God is Light? What is light made of? Energy. Pure energy. God creates and sustains the universe with this energy. We reflect the amount of energy (light) we have connected to. Imagine an electrical line between you and God, this chord of energy is always there, but often times is blocked with fear, anger, unforgiveness and past pain.

"Do you not know and understand that you [the church] are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells [permanently] in you [collectively and individually]?" -1st Corinthians 3:16.

The love, light, energy and power that created the universe lives in me. I am a reflector of the Light I have allowed myself thus far to connect to. I am a reflector of the Light that I am present to moment by moment. I am a reflector of the light that I believe I am.

If I am not reflecting much light, much compassion, love, grace, healing or forgiveness, it just means that I need to connect more to the Source within me. As I connect to that part of me that is eternal, I can help bring that light and love to the world around me.

Today, I take the time to connect to the spirit inside of me and connect to that beautiful Love and Light that is always present, available and desiring of my good and I allow myself to become a reflector of light.

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