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"The Prescription for Joy"  


My emotional wellness courses were birthed out of my own recovery journey over the last 20 years. I am not only a clincian, but a survivor of abuse, neglect and addiction. I know what works cause it worked for me. In order to have an abundant life, you must find healing in every area of your being, mind, body and spirit.  Each of these courses have been designed to give you back what was lost and restore what was rightfully yours.  Together they will free you to create the life you desire.

Foundational Course 101: "Breaking Free from Your Past!"

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this foundational course will begin your journey of healing. We all need to start somewhere and this course will set the foundation for the rest of your healing journey. Fundamental to our emotional wellness is the ability to identify, recognize and remove toxic shame and guilt from our identity. In this course you will learn how to identify your toxic belief patterns, how they developed, how to recognize when you are responding to them and how to disable their power over you thereby breaking free from dysfunctional behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. You will learn how to heal and integrate those broken parts of you to begin to form a healthier identity. Using energy medicine techniques, we will work to heal the fear, anxiety, depression and insecurity shame and guilt have caused and restore balance to your mind and body. Finally, we will learn how to forgive ourselves and set ourselves free once and for all from shame and guilt.

Incorporational Course 102: "Unearth Your Worth!"

This course is designed to give you the integral parts necessary to build a healthy sense of self-worth and self-respect.

Having completed the first course, you were able to learn how let go of the paralyzing effects of guilt and shame, but you most likely as a result of toxic shame and guilt, have developed an unhealthy sense of self and the inability to set and maintain healthy boundaries, resulting in the repeating of dysfunctional family patterns of behavior in our adult lives.

Do you often feel like people take advantage of you, have difficulty standing up for yourself or find yourself saying yes when you really mean no? Do you allow yourself to be manipulated and allow poor behavior at the expense of your own needs? Do you struggle with anxiety, self-doubt and depression? Or maybe you find yourself struggling with anger and resentment towards people you care about. All of these scenarios indicate that you may be struggling with setting and keeping healthy boundaries in your life and that your self-esteem is weak.

In order to have healthy boundaries, a healthy sense of self-worth must exist!

In this course you will learn the infrastructure of healthy self-esteem and how to increase it's strength and sustainability.

You will also learn how to develop and maintain self-respect and self-care in all of your relationships.

We will practice experientially through psychodramatic play how to set boundaries and keep them set.

Through these exercises you will develop the confidence needed to begin to implement healthy boundary setting and have the relationships and life you truly desire.

Transformational Course 103: "A New Chapter!"

Have you ever wondered how very successful people were able to achieve the success they have whether in love, health or their careers? Have you ever wanted to change something about your world but felt paralyzed by fear and self-doubt? Are you ready for an upgraded life?

You have worked hard to remove toxic shame and guilt, to build your self-worth and develop healthy boundaries, now its time to create the life you have always wanted!

This course is designed to help you begin to transcend your fears and limitations, and create a brand new chapter of life you are excited to embark on!

You will learn transformational skills that will enhance and expand your ability to let go of what is no longer serving you to so you can become the best version of yourself and in doing so, usher in a new, incredible chapter of your life!

We all know and have heard that we should forgive one another right? Sounds really good but not many of us actually have the know-how to do so. Forgiveness is one of those things that is easier said then done. Sometimes we say we have forgiven someone, or think we have but then we hear the persons name, or we are reminded of what they did and instantly, we are full of anger! See what we really did was try to forget or put it out of our minds but that's not forgiveness. In this workshop you will learn the "how-to"of forgiveness so you can be free once and for all of the emotional ties of anger and resentment that may still be lingering. 

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