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Be Joyfully Restored today!

Emissaries carry out their missions often times in secret as spies or agents.

Emissaries represent their cause effectively, strategically and diplomatically.

They gather information and negotiate terms and conditions.

To be an emissary of light...

Today is a good day to rest.

What do I mean by rest? 

We enter rest every time we recognize we are in fear(of whatever) and we remember, yes REMEMBER,  as often as we can, that we are loved by such a great love, that is so powerful, so wise, so benevolent, full of mercy...

January 2, 2020

     How many people do you know, yourself included, that believe: " I am here and therefore I am worthy of the best life has to offer."?

     Foundational to receiving is the core belief that I have a right to exist. Without that core belief, your ability to...


      Asking for help is not so easy to do when you are afraid of how you may look when you do it. We sometimes feel that asking for help makes us look weak and stupid. And we hate feeling that vulnerable, that incompetent, like we don't know what we are...


    Sometimes, when we have lost a lot, and we have been sad for far too long, we become afraid to believe that God's love can supernaturally work in our life again. We just can't imagine how it could be when everything around us seems so dark. We don't...

     Sometimes our fears overwhelm us. We start to think about our lives, our hopes, our disappointments and our first inclination is to turn away. It's scary to hope again when you've been so let down. It's scary to believe something good may happen after so much pain...

     Deciding to keep your mouth shut to avoid conflict and keep the peace, although sometimes it is wise, often it is self-destructive. Our emotions are our guidance system and should never be ignored, although they do need to be tamed.



     Throughout our lives we will have to endure many trials and tribulations. Life is full of ups and downs, mistakes, setbacks and start overs. One of the ways we can run our race with victory is to learn how to not blame others for our problems but ta...


     Often times it is difficult to keep our heart centered and "keep the faith". We vaguely remember God's promises, we know intellectually that God loves us, but sometimes we cannot make sense of that love when we look around our worlds and see so much...

February 11, 2019

I am a reflector of God's love and light, we are never separated. I am a part of all that ever was and will be. 

Amazing to think about, difficult to comprehend. Love that always was and love that always will be.

At all times, I have access to and am connected to th...

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May 27, 2020

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